Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The canals beckon again...

Dawn breaks in Peterborough on Tuesday as we prepare to pull pins and head back towards canal land for the winter.
Mist rising off of the R Nene as Joe preps Caxton - N Matilda Rose is seen just to the right there.
Floyd is checking that his soft toy - PUP - is also ready for the cruise.
Matilda Rose in the dawn mist as we set off towards the service point on the Peterborough embarkment.
Caxton lining up to go through the Peterborough town bridge.
Milton Ferry bridge in Ferry Meadows Country Park Peterborough
Caxton waiting at Alwalton lock landing while I reverse the lock as we leave it - the vertical gates have to be left raised.

The lovely Water Newton Mill.  There are any number of these former water mills along the R Nene and they are quite lovely.
The cattle at Water Newton lock - giving Jill a hand.
R Nene - a lovely river...
Narrowboats Matilda Rose and Caxton moored at Fotheringhay below the castle mound.
The sun rays still struggling through the evening cloud cover on Tuesday.


bob said...

Gorgeous pictures!


Debbie said...

Gorgeous Photo's!