Friday, 29 October 2010


Here are Nb Caxton and Nb Matilda Rose (MR) moored together in Bancroft Basin Stratford-upon-Avon.  We will be spending a couple of days here enjoying the charms of this town and MR may have  be staying a little longer...engine mount failure means that Graham has had to call in River Canal Rescue (RCR). Hopefully the RCR will be able to complete a repair  today.

What a great place to be.  Late October and Stratford is bustling with tourists, many foreign fortunately-I walk past them silently willing them to spend their dollars/yen or euros and help the British economy.  I have had a couple of sorties around the tourist spots of course and will publish further photo's in another post.   Bancroft basin, in the heart of the town, is commodious and safe and a great attraction for tourists who are fascinated by the colourful boats. 

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