Sunday, 17 October 2010

Boatmans explained..

Leon emerging from the boatmans cabin in readiness to go into Braunston and collect his wife Rae.

The last time we met Leon and Rae of Nb The Old Bovine was in March when we passed through Braunston Junction en route for Aylesbury. Surprise, surprise here they are again out on Foxes Gate when we turned up last Monday.   Over a cup of coffee aboard Caxton Leon offered to show us the modifications he had made on The Old Bovine and show Joe how a Boatman's Cabin (BC) was laid out - I have been waxing on about what a great use of space the traditional BC is and that in any replacement for Caxton I would definitely want a BC and an engine room. The problem was that Joe had never seen a BC so may powers of persuasion were falling short.... then along comes Leon and his kind offer.
We spent an hour aboard the delightful The Old Bovine and every intricacy, nook and cranny of a BC was explained including how the bed 'ole operated.  My thanks to Leon for taking the time and sharing his boat with us for an hour - Joe now understands my enthusiasm - step forward!!!

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