Tuesday, 23 November 2010

And then the alarm went off..

We were up sharpish this morning getting ourselves fed and watered and ready to assist Adam and Adrian down the first tranch of locks, the Farmers Bridge flight, on their way out of Birmingham.  The dogs came too and demonstrated how well behaved they are doing this locking malarky.

Debdale pulling away from its mooring this morning, Adrian at the helm.
Adrian checking out a new route that Adam has JUST proposed,  'We're going where..?'  

It was only two or three locks before Joe was at the helm of Debdale and Adrian was out on the towpath helping with the locking - how did that happen?

Adrian and Adam
Unfortunately we had followed another boat down the thirteen locks, having to turn every lock again to get Debdale through but we still made good time, just over the hour.  It was then time for a cuppa before the Caxton crew headed back to their boat and Debdale and the lads set off towards Fradley Junction.  Until next time...lovely to see you again.


Halfie said...

Speaking of alarm ... clocks ... the clock on your blog is an hour fast. Or is that your "boat time" to give you an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon?

Nb Caxton said...

No Halfie, that is Lesley being lazy and not changing the clock - again... I will attend to it post haste!