Saturday, 27 November 2010

Good Food and all that

On Thursday Jill and myself joined the 'real' world and toddled off to New Street Station to catch a train out to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) to see the BBC Good Food Show. The station was heaving with bodies, the train had only standing room and the NEC was very busy - not at all what we have grown accustomed to in our parallel lives...  We headed straight for the produce area.  Smoke houses with kippers, hams, bacon. salmon and garlic!  We bought some smoked garlic bulbs and promised ourselves that we would return for some kippers and salmon.. onward we went.   I tracked down a stall that was selling spices and herbs and managed to get the ground fennel I have trying to buy for ages, Jill bought new salt and pepper grinders.  There were plenty of visitors that were walking around with large shopping trolley's and trade seemed to be brisk.  There were an amazing number of school children ( in uniforms, so official visitors)  about - why?  I was struggling to get my head around the 'value' of a school trip to the BBC Good Food Show.
 Here is Rick Stein in demonstration mode - look an empty bowl...
He was preparing a joint of belly pork and we stopped to see what he was making to dress the joint - herbs and chillies - might try it one one day. 
We caught the train back in to Brum at about half three and walked back to the boats through the Christmas Market ( German Style) eager for a cuppa and a chance to get our boots off. An interesting day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day out - I really like the growth of 'continental' christmas markets in british cities - saves us the trip under the channel!!

Kids at a food show? Well, they have to learn somehow that food doesn't spring out of the supermarket shelf ready packed in plastic!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

No sorry Sue, the kids at this food show were on a jolly.

Anonymous said...

Too bad! I always wonder whether teachers who take kids on 'field trips' have bad karma and are paying for misdemeanours in their past lives!

I'm liking the sound of that belly pork - so naughty but so nice!

Sue, Indigo Dream