Sunday, 21 November 2010

Making our way to Brum

 On Friday we filled with diesel at Lyons Boat yard on the Nth Stratford before we headed to Norton Junction and turned right onto the Birmingham and Worcester canal.  We moored up briefly just after the turn and tramped up the towpath, across the road and along another road to a municiple tip.  There had been no rubbish facilities since we left Lapworth and the accumulation of black rubbish sacks was becoming a problem.  Nobody questioned us as we wandered in with four large sacks despite notices asking drivers to provide there postcodes.    Household rubbish dealt with we moved north towards Birmingham and moored on the visitor moorings by the Cadbury factory.
This is an excellent mooring with good security as it is not towpath side and access is via a locked gate - a BW key allows us to get in and out.  We stayed two nights allowing us to get some jobs done, wood cut, chain attached to chimney to secure it to the roof box and the well deck cleaned out properly.  Sunday morning we moved off into Birmingham, more of which later.


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy brum and find the locals friendly!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

We are loving it here!!!