Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Under Starters orders...

 Lunchtime Sunday and it is the annual Pantomine Horse Race in Birmingham City Centre.  There were 31 runners all raising money for the Mayor's Charity.  The bitter cold kept all but the hardy away but the TV crews were there and the Mayor and Jill Graham and Myself!
 There was a tote and a collecting ring and before the races started there was  a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.
 Broad Street was closed to traffic and 'jumps' were made out of straw bales.

 This is Viagra romping home last!  Introduced as a horse that was hard to handle this chap played it for laughs; every jump was crashed through and he finished with his drawers around his ankles when the elastic failed on his horse suit..


paul said...

They showed the horse race on the Australian news this morning!

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
It must have been a slow news day in Aus...