Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Back to Brum's icy embrace

BCN Main line - Vincent St. Bridge
As I was about to return the hire car early yesterday morning, the gas supply failed at my Mother's home leaving her without heat... I fixed up some temporary heating with electric fan heaters, insisted that she put more clothing on and then call her gas supplier and tell them that she was 80, alone and COLD!!  Off I went to deliver the car back to the hirer and get to the station. I called my brother to alert him to the situation with Mum and then called her when I got to London.  The gas company had promptly got someone out to her and he had fixed the problem by replacing the regulator so all was well - thankfully.  I got myself London to Euston and managed to get on an earlier train.  One hold up when we approached Berkhampstead because someone had collided with a bridge but we were soon on the move again.  Snow was falling again as I reached New Street station Birmingham and there was plenty lying about as I walked back towards Caxton's mooring.

BCN mainline
And here we are, our wintery mooring in Brum, Caxton to the left (front of the queue) MR behind us.  Four inches of snow on the roof, showing how effective sprayform insulation is!


Anonymous said...

Love to read about you and M.R. it"s nice that you move around when you can. Possibly the best canal blogs on the canal.HAPPY CHRISTMAS to the four of you.Whopps sorry dogs and cat you as well from Geoff and Lilly

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you so much Geoff and Lilly. I am not too sure about the quality of the blogs but we try our best...

bob said...

You are definitely having a brutal winter there in Britain. Glad to see that you are keeping warm.

Merry Christmas!


Paul said...

Good, simple stories. keep it going

Captain Ahab said...

Ah - I have seen Caxton and MR on my way home every night and didnt realise it. I sneak round the back of the NIA to escape the traffic.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Bob
We are fine, Caxton is cosy and we can get supplies with relative ease - I would rather be here on Caxton than struggling with roads and traffic!
take care

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
I am simplicity itself!

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Andy
Give us a toot when you pass!!