Sunday, 5 December 2010

They came bearing gifts!!!

Amanda and David
 David and Amanda, blog followers, narrowboat researchers and prospective liveaboards, called on Friday to say they were going to be visiting Birmingham at the weekend to go to a 'Meatloaf' concert, did we need anything?  Well actually yes we do, or rather, not US, but the dogs! Could they get us some dog food please?
They arrived on Saturday weighed down by two large sacks of the preferred doogie dins, bless them.
Over lunch we had time to catch up with what was happening in our respective lives and Amanda got her all important narrowboat-fix.
David and Joe
After lunch aboard Caxton we ventured into the City, fought our way through the throngs of happy Christmas shoppers, lost Joe, found him again and visited the wonderful The Old Joint Stock inn opposite St. Phillip's cathedral.  Lovely to see them again and Fletcher and Floyd are truly grateful, thanks!


grey wolf said...

the wellington is very close to the joint fact you can walk out the back of the stock and into the back of the wellington crossing a small alleyway.The attraction is about 12 real ales always on tap,and you can bring your own food in.Tad expensive.,but the beer is spot on.The only noise being conversation.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Grey Wolf
See my later blog -, we went to a quiz night at the Wellington and enjoyed several pints of Butty Bach - lovely..