Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The changes start

 Caxton's rear stair as of 8.30 yesterday morning..

Yesterday morning we moved across the canal to moor up at Swallow Cruisers at Hockley Heath on the Stratford Canal.  Dave George, who had been involved in the original fitting out of Caxton, was about to start on the changes to Caxton's galley and stern access.
 Again, Caxton before changes start..
 Work begins as Dave starts to dismantle the stair and ballustrade
 The deed is done, stair case removed
The new bulkheads are in place ready for new cupboards

It was fascinating watching the work involved in creating these bulkheads.  Dave arrived with a 4mm half sheet of MDF and patiently went about creating the template that would be used to cut the shape of the bulkheads.  It is considerably easier to cut and trim a flimsy sheet of MDF including the numerous times the emerging template is offered up to to the boat side to get the shape correct.  This took hours to acheive before Dave returned to his nearby workshop to cut the bulkheads from 3/4 inch ash faced ply wherein he returned and completed their fitting.  He will be back shortly to progress the build so more photo's later today....

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Pip - nb Windsong said...

You're going to have load more cupboard space - wise decision!! Looking forward to seeing the re-vamped Caxton at some point soon. xxx