Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Nearly gone

The ice has now gone IN Birmingham though it is still quite thick on the main line and the Birm.& Worcs still.  I will take the dogs for a walk along the B&W today to check conditions but I believe we will be on the move by the weekend. Caxton will be heading to Hockley Heath and our belated date with a carpenter/joiner and Matilda Rose is off to Lyons Boat Yard at the start of the North Stratford for engine mount replacements.  Thereafter the plan is to head for Chester...we'll see.


Amanda said...

You must have such itchy feet. How long was your stay in Brum? Do you feel like locals yet? Is that a Brum accent we detect in your blog!!


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Amanda
By the time we leave it will be 8 weeks! If you see me writing yam, instead of I am then the damage has been done and yam, there you go mon, Brum has got me!!!