Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ma Pardoe's

With a toot of their horn they arrived last night, NB Matilda Rose is now moored up behind Caxton and ready for a bit more cruising.  Joe went off to a retail park today to buy a replace lamp for Caxton's defunct tunnel light and get some bits I need for the new curtains I am making.  Having given the dogs a run I wandered into Netherton with Jill to get a paper, make an appointment to get my hair trimmed and have a general look around.  That 'general look around' also included a visit to the famous Ma Pardoes, or The Swan inn.  Much of the Victorian interior is still in place and they brew their own beer on the premises so how could one pass up the chance of a visit; you can't and I didn't.

The beer was good and the original features in this typical town pub are atmospheric.

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