Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stourbridge to Stewponey

Going back-wawbs
I collected our post from the Post Office in Stourbridge on Tuesday morning and then we pulled foward into the town basin to get water from one of the mooring stantions.  The BW water point had been turned off because of a leak so the boat yard allowed us to pull alongside one of the moored boats and use their services - thank you Black Countryman Co.

 This bridge was cast in Coalbrookdale - now an open air industruial Museum called Blist Hill.
 Still going back-wawbs towards a winding point

 Floyd is bored having to hang around waiting for his Dad to turn the boat around
 Still turning
 At last , we're away back along the town arm through the remains of the glassmaking industry
 Glimpsed from the towpath, the remains of a bottle kiln, reroofed and pressed into use for another purpose.
 Caxton turns west out of the town arm towards Stewponey
 Taken from Wordsley bridge as we set off along the westerly part of the Stourbridge canal
 This was a lovely walk through countryside, the canal embankment follows the course of the R.Stour
 Puts a smile on your face doesn't it?

Caxton follows us along to our new mooring just above the four Stewponey locks

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