Monday, 21 February 2011

Windmill End to Merry Hill

The remains of Cobb's Engine House at Windmill End.  This housed the engine that pumped the water from the deep mines operating in the area, now all gone.
Heading along the Dudley No.2 canal towards Park Head Junction, the junction with the Dudley No. 1 canal.  This is a stretch that needs a bit of TLC as the reed is gradually encroaching on the cut.  We had no diificulties but then we didn't see another boat until we got to Merry Hill so we were not having to pass anyone.

Watering at Park Head.  It was whilst here that I saw a bearded collie and thought it looked a little familiar and when said bearded collie turned up with bearded owner I realised why the dog looked familiar to me, it was Meg and Geoff of Nb.Seyella.  We had never met but because of the blogs we were aware of each other.  Floyd and Fletcher were much taken with Meg and all threev dogs proceeded to demonstrate to Geoff how to play tug with a stick - Geoff lost of course.

 Playing tug-the-stick
Looking down from the embankment towards Merry Hill shopping complex.
We had no intention of staying the night here but the presence of Nb Seyella and Nb Rock n Roll changed our plans.  The mooring here was pleasantly OK..
Caxton moored at Merry Hill.

Jill and myself took advantage of the presence of an Odeon cinema and took ourselves off to see The King's Speech on Saturday.  We thoroughly enjoyed the film we were engrossed from start to finish and the plaudits it is receiving are well deserved.

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