Friday, 4 March 2011

Catching up in Stourport

 Access to ready supply of water, i.e. right next to the mooring, gave us a chance to catch up with the laundry yesterday, towels, bedding, a 'dark' wash or two and the dogs bedding of course.  Joe went off to find a barber while I prepped food, bean and mushroom burgers, hoovered and dusted and generally made myself useful about the boat.  On Joe's return I skuttled off into the town with Jill and Graham who had been having a serious clear out of clutter and unused clothes.  We found a charity shop and off loaded the goodies before going in search of a pub that had been recommended as 'the best real ale pub in Stourport'.
 And here it is, The Hollybush, a free house that specialises in real ales.  Brass, beams, open fire, well priced food and beer on special at £2 a pint!
The landlady, Maggie Smith, but not a Dame as yet.  Despite the pose she was very welcoming and proud of her pub and the good reputation she had built up.
After a pint I returned to Caxton and picked up the dogs for a couple of hours walk up river.  The walk to Bewdley didn't happen but there is always another time.  Joe had washed the boat, or at least one side, when I got back so we will get the other side washed before leaving Stourport and starting  north towards the Shroppie canal and Chester.

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