Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Prestwood to Swindon

Early start this morning because Floyd, love him, decided he wanted OUT at 5am.  Joe is dressed and adorned with a head torch and I am on kettle duty when all hell lets off outside the boat, Floyd had happened upon a Fox or similar. His frantic barking woke Muttley and Baxter which in turn woke Jill and Graham - do you think our names might have been taken in vain at this juncture?
Anyway, having got the lttle git back aboard we returned to bed and blessed sleep until 8am.
Shetland mare and her foal - so cute! 
We left our mooring at 9.30,  it was a bright a crisp start to the days cruising and we followed Matilda Rose north towards Swindon, three locks and a scrap of mileage but tomorrow will be a longer day as we aim to get onto the Shroppie canal.
First lock of the day, Gothersley lock.
Fairs, fair, the rider was taking photo's of Caxton as we worked the lock so I pointed the camera at them.  The fleabit grey was told to smile and I think he did - handsome boy isn't he?
A Staffy weir - circular
Here is a sight to gladden the heart, how can you not smile when this scene opens before you...
Our last lock (only did 3) of the day, Hinksford lock.
A pint in the local pub
Caxton's mooring inthe sunshine.

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