Saturday, 26 March 2011

To Beeston Castle

We left Aqueduct Marina, Church Minshull on the Middlewich branch yesterday morning but not before we had had a visit from Jack..
A relaxed Jack
Jack is the owner's dog and is very 'at home' around narrowboats and their crews...
Bye, bye Middlewich branch as we turn back on to the Shroppie proper at Barbridge junction.  Another glorious day, short sleeved T-shirt, sandals and three quarter trousers to make the most of the warm sunny weather.
Beyond the services at Calveley and just before the staircase locks at Bunbury I came across a chap with a chain saw layer who was layering the hedge because the 'digger' further along the bank was emptying canal spoil from a dredging activity into a prepared site on the other side of the hedge.

A lake of canal silt
Here comes another laden float/barge for emptying in the disposal site.

The remains of lime kilns on the far bank

Floyd enjoying a roll in the sunshine while I work my socks off opening and closing lockgates - next time around the life of a pampered Labrador is rather appealing...
Beeston IRON lock.   The entire lock is made of cast iron riveted plates instead of the usual stone or brick.
Built in 1828 after its predecessor collapsed because the ground structure undermining a conventional lock.

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