Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wooding at Wolverley

We travelled down towards Wolverley yesterday morning and moored just above the lock.  After a visit to The Lock for a pint and lunch Jill and I took the four dogs for another extended walk - a little more extended than we had anticipated owing to the fact that we got lost!  Three and a half hours later we returned to our respective boats; but Kingsford forest was worth the trek... 
We had spotted a supply of wood close to our mooring so this morning it was 'wooding' time.  Jill took Muttley and Baxter off to a local dog groomer and Graham, Joe and myself proceeded to cut and stack our newly found supply of wood.

Just before we started this task Graham Booth (of Waterways World and narrowboat design publications) had been walking his two labs and stopped for a chat. Lovely to meet you again Graham.

 Joe surveying the wood pile
 Floyd relaxing in the pile of fresh sawdust before bringing it back to Caxton for Mum....
 A bit muddy underfoot but so is everywhere at the moment
The local hostelry, The Lock - a fine pint, fresh reasonably priced food and a friendly welcome for humans and dogs!


Pip - nb Windsong said...

Funny how the dogs love to bring something back to the boat as a present - Cassie usually brings me back lots of mud, and sometimes 'Eau de Fox' that she's found!! xx

Nb Caxton said...

Pip, We know all about the aroma of FOX as well - and doesn't take a marathon effort to get rid of it - YUK..
X Lesley