Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pushing along the Llangollen

After a couple of days moored at Wrenbury we pulled pins this morning and headed for Whitchurch.  Ten locks and about five miles but Caxton had an early start and we were ahead of the queues, all locks in our favour and little or no queuing bar the staircase at Grindley.  We are now moored on a super lttle mooring just by the town arm at Whitchurch.

A clutch of cowslips - spring has definitely sprung!
Jackdaws having a discussion?
Caxton goes white water rafting... the side streams are pretty fierce when going UP the locks, you cannot be faint hearted about aiming your boat at the lock entrance.
How about this for a tithe cottage?  The lockeepers cottage at the summit of the Grindley flight on the Llangollen Canal.  Now a private home of course.  The lockeeper has a 'hovel' on the other side of the top lock and he can stare at this elegant home and wish he had been born 200 years earlier...

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Neil said...

Please be careful, our boat was broken into in exactly the spot it sounds like you're moored up in just last week. Door booted in and various items taken while we were away from the boat. Whitchurch not as nice as it looks!