Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sunny Sunday in Ellesmere

Sunday morning we moved up from our mooring at Blakemere into Ellesmere. Here we serviced the boat and winded and found ourselves a mooring for the day/night.  It was off to Tesco's then which is conveniently located at the end of the tiwn arm - convenient if you have managed to moor in the town arm that is.  Still we weren't far away so with Joe chivved into helping with the lugging of the provisions the job was soon done and dusted.

This building is sited at the end of the arm, derelict but likely to be listed and therefore maybe, just maybe, it will be restored - unless the pyromaniacs get to it.    After getting the chores done I walked into Ellesmere along with Jill to have a look around the town.
Lady Katherine, a steamer that plys the mere that gives EllesMERE its name.  This lake is 43 acres (I think) and until the 1960's was privately owned but now is a public amenity managed by the local couincil.
Well he had to have a swim with all that water about...

Ellesmere parish church.

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