Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Along the Severn way to Bewdley

Yesterday we dropped down into the basin at Stourport, serviced Caxton and found ourselves a visitor mooring for the night.  I left Joe to run Widow Twanky's laundry - have tank of water, must use it - and I headed off with the dogs - destination, Bewdley, approximately four miles upstream from Stourport.  It was  lovely walk along the Severn Way - that will be the towpath to you and I.
 Bewdley with its Georgian merchants houses fronting the river Severn.
 Taken from the town bridge looking south.
 Again, from the bridge looking south

 Town bridge

I finally got back to Joe and the laundry just after 7pm - Joe had just started to put out the bunting as he thought I had left him though he was a bit concerned about the dogs...  We ended up with a takeaway meal and sat and watched a great programme about canals called The Golden Age of Canals on BBC4 - cracking programme with Joe and Keith of NB Hadar featuring towards the end.

This morning we upped sticks and moved through the two staircase locks on to the River Severn - tomorrow we are off to Worcester to find some sauce....
Caxton moored on the River Servern.

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