Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Three coats of intertuf, that will do nicely...

 Wednesday 27th April and Caxton is docked at Norbury Junction for her date with a jet wash and a paintbrush.  I headed off to Essex in a hire car, the two dogs, dog beds, dog food, dog toys and a change of clothes for me all stowed neatly aboard.  I was off, leaving Joe to prepare and repaint the well deck, the gunwales and the foredeck while the Norbury crew tackled the blacking.

 What a little ice can do... Jet washed and ready for the first of three coats of blacking.
 Newly painted tunnel bands
The water filler has been moved up onto the gunwale and a piece of metal welded in place to prevent run-off into the well deck.
Looking smart in her new coats of protective blacking.

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