Monday, 30 May 2011

Weekend away...

We arrived back in Birmingham yesterday evening/late afternoon having diverted to the Crick Boat Show on our way back from Norfolk.  We have been to see my brother David in Bressingham Norfolk, then on to Hopton-on-Sea for a 40th birthday bash at Potters - a night of Tamla Motown music, good food and drink and even better company.  The next morning we stayed on with our 'land friends' and played bowls for the first time; Joe won so getting his head back in the hire car was problematic..

We arrived at the Crick Boat Show shortly after ten and left at four.  Things seemed to be very well supported with plenty of exhibitors and enthusiastic narrowboaters and, importantly, prospective narrowboaters about.
A number of our blog readers recognised us - No that is not entirely true; they recognised Fletcher and Floyd and us by association.   Lovely to see you folks.

We had arranged to meet David and Amanda, Caxton's  'stalkers extroadinaire' who were at the show with their friends David and Lisa who are having a boat built by Fernwood.   Joe and David spent time discussing batteries and then hybrid engines, pouring over products on display and asking searching and meaningful technical questions, Amanda and I went to look at boats.

L-R Lisa, David, Joe, Amanda, David

 We saw Adam and Adrian of Nb Briar Rose (Adam was busy doing boat reviews) and Dougie and James of Nb Chance who were showing people over their new boat.

I didn't come away empty handed either,  from Evelyn Booth of Lockside Antiques I bought the first item for our new boat, a three bell terret that will adorn the top of the pigeon box!  As we are having a more traditional boat I thought we needed some traditional adornments - I can see it might be worthwhile investing a couple of pounds in The Brasso Company at this rate!

Three bell terret


Amanda said...

Just loved that three bell terret Lesley. I can't wait to see it in pride of place on new boat. You will so have to invest in Brasso as I am sure this is not the only bit of brass you will acquire. It was, as always lovely to see you both and the boys. I loved looking at the boats with you. You look at everything with such an experienced liveaboards eye. I shall insist on seeing you at Crick next year and crawling over ALL the showboats so I can glean some more practical ideas and discard the lovely/cute but not for living on board full time ideas!

Nb Caxton said...

I sound like a cold bath, drenching your enthusiasm with my dour practicality... but as we are likely to be at Crick with our new boat I will happily trawl through the new boats with you; book three days!
Lovely to see you again and look forward to June???