Thursday, 23 June 2011

220 acres of...

Ten minutes walk from Caxton's mooring is Hartlebury Common.  Hartlebury Common is 220 acres of heathland that is managed by Worcester County Council and is there for all to enjoy.  This has become a regular spot  for walking two Labrador's, it's just perfect.  Floyd gets to sharpen his hunting skills as the place is teeming with rabbits - but, they are all in their beds when we walk there so Floyd just gets tantalised by what for him is an overwhelming aroma of wabbit..

 Fletcher gets chase a ball endlessly - I think I will be carrying him back to the boat one day as his chasing exhausts him!
Hartlebury Common, once owned by the Bishops of Winchester, has been designated as  a Site of Special Scientific (SSSI) which will protect it from the developers no doubt.
 Spot the ball?
 Their very own 'beach' on TOP off the escarpment.
 There's a wabbit down there somewhere..
or is it here perhaps?

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