Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Advice taken!

So many of you have commented on my previous post, advising me to report it to the police, that I have taken your advice and done just that.  I found the number for the local police on the internet and called and reported the incident with as much detail about the man as possible; their advice, if something like this were to happen again, I should call 999.    I must admit I was a bit surprised, I thought 999 was about life or death emergencies not a foul mouthed rant on the tow path.  However, should I find myself in a similar situation, 999 it will be.

When to call 999

If there is a crime in progress or an immediate threat to life or property or  immediate fear of violence.


Dave Winter said...

The thing is the slime might have been on drugs or he might be a dealer training his dog to attack as they do,he could have been done for that too.
Worth keeping a log where ever you moor up of the local police number,you never know.Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad you reported it. Could be a well known local scumbag 'that bloke with the bull terrier' so you never know, he might get whats coming to him! As for dialling the 9s, if there is a crime in progress or an immediate threat to life or property or immediate fear of violence then thats what it's there for. I think this fits the bill. Consider yourself told!
Abby x
PS what it's not there for is when 'me telly aint workin' or 'i lost me dole money'...

Paul and Elaine said...

Man that was a bad situation to be in, I think you were being very generous in calling him a human being!
Glad that you are OK and good on you for looking after the animals.
Both our dogs are rescue dogs, and it takes years to get them to trust us humans again.

Sue said...

Now that is very interesting.. Seems they take this sort of thing very seriously. Goodoh!

I have had one or two incidences that I wanted to report but not known the number of the local nick of similar circumstances..

It makes me feel a bit more like reading the riot act to these sort of people.

Well done! :)

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Dave, you too.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Abby
I am well and truly admonished! With my revised understanding of what 999 calls are for I can now go and start any number of punch-ups on the towpath - joke. I hope there is never a need to dial 999 and I don't encounter something like this again, but if I do...thanks.
Now where is that remote??
XX Lesley

Nb Caxton said...

Hello Paul and Elaine
I am afraid that my intervention will only have secured the dog a moments respite...and that is really sad.
See you in August???

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
See the definition of when to call 999 in Abby's comment. I will put it on the blog.
take care

Jill and Graham said...

Abusive and threatening behaviour should never be tolerated, let alone the animal abuse, are the Police going to take a statement from you, because if they don't it won't be logged and recovered if it ever happens again.

Paul and Elaine said...

Yep I will be there from 21st July till 4th Aug, narrow boat for 1 week, yet another quick trip. Cant wait for the day when it all slows down and work becomes a lot less important!