Saturday, 11 June 2011

Into Worcester and out again...

 Worcester City boundary marker on the canal towpath

We left our overnight mooring at Hanbury Wharf on Tuesday morning and set off of Worcester.  We wanted to spend a couple of days in the City and have a look around before heading up the Severn to Stourport and a date with a six month mooring.  (Of course it was on the way into Worcester that I encountered dog- walloper and general low life of previous posts.)
 Floyd patrols the lock and checks water levels - expert locker now..
 An interesting railway viaduct near Lowesmoor basin
 Caxton moored on the 48hr visitor mooring just north of Diglis basin
 Once we were moored up and the essential cup of tea made and enjoyed I went off to look around the refurbished basins.  Charges must be quite high here because there was not a tatty boat in sight.  I found good dog walking just beyond the basins so our stay in the City was also going to suit the two dogs as well as us.
On day two, dogs walked, we set off to see the Commandery Museum which is immediately adjacent to Sidbury lock.  (thanks Anita for the recommendation, it was excellent!)  A must see if you are in Worcester, it is based in a vastly extended Great Hall rebuilt in 1480 as a monastic hospital, later to become private Tudor home then the command centre for the Royalists at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. The building was originally immediately outside the City walls at the Sidbury gate but Worcester has grown around it over the centuries.  The Commandary became an elegant Georgian home, then a school for the blind and finally a print works before Worcester  City Council purchased it.  No photo's because some fool forgot their camera - that would be Me in case you are in any doubt..
The unpreposessing entrance to Diglis locks from the R. Severn

 A lazy start on Thursday.  We serviced Caxton before locking down on to the R. Severn and heading upstream to Stourport.
 Worcester Bridge ahead of us
 The Cathedral to the rear
 Lock cottages at Bevere Lock
 Bevere Lock, one down two to go
 Waiting to enter Lincomb lock, the last on the Severn going up stream
 Caxton moored up on the visitor moorings outside The Angel at Stourport.
After an overnight on the River we bring Caxton up through the narrow locks, which are open despite Waterscape saying they are still closed following  the death of a 12 year old boy on Fri 3rd June.  The lad fell into the bottom lock and tragically lost his life; there is a devastated family out there trying to cope, it rather puts thing into perspective I think.

We are now moored up in the basin, and enjoying the luxury of being plugged into a shore line for the foreseeble future.

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