Thursday, 30 June 2011

Joe Blogs #2

Lesley has gone off with the dogs so than I can get busy slapping a bit of paint to the internals of Caxton. So while I wait for the paint to dry and before reruns of Nude Trampolining for the over 60s comes on, I thought I'd have another go a this blogging lark as herself spends hours at it.

Already I can forsee some potential for problems ahead. The colour chosen is 'Oxygen' which I have been told matches the border tiles in the galley. However, this is not the case - does this mean I will have to re-tile the galley?

As usual with decorating more time is spent on preparation than doing, plus on a narrowboat there is no spare room to put the junk treasures that adorn every surface so it all gets moved to somewhere that you can trip over at a later stage.

This is part of the bathroom ready to be painted.

The finished item 'Oxygenated'.

Here we have the saloon and galley after painting - it looks better without curtains and wall lights etc. maybe I will leave them off as a nice surprise.

These things are a pain to put up and will be replaced by a couple of nails and some string.

Bought this stuff in one of the sheds. I was told that unlike many masking tapes it can be left in place for long periods without having to use a gallon of panel wipe to get rid of the glue when you take it off.

It is definitely targeted at the DIY sector as it is much more expensive than the normal masking tapes. The backing is less flexible so long straight lines would be easier, but in my opinion following compound curves on areas of car bodywork would be difficult. The blurb mentions its use for emulsion paint and has cautionary words about solvent based paints, though I know that it has been used with cellulose and two pack without problem. I also think that the marketing and design people have had a field day as the packaging (a strong plastic tub like tupperware) is over the top and adds to the cost. They say it protects the tape from damage and provides a useful container for screws etc. but I'd rather pay less for the product and do without this level of packaging.

Thats enough rambling time to get back to work!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the blog, Joe, maybe you should take turns...

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Sue but you know what they say about too many cooks etc.
Plus it would break the blogging tradition of them that knows best doing the trypewriting.

Amanda said...

I giggled at the image of over 60 nude trampolining. Does Lesley know what you get up to when her back's turned.

Nb Caxton said...

Hmmmm. I believe the trampolining should be in the future olympics as an addition to beach volley ball.

With regard to your second sentence I have read this several times and can think of alternative answers. Therefore in this instance stumm is my considered response.