Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Many hands make light...

We roused ourselves early yesterday morning, well actually that is not strictly true, Floyd roused us at 4.50am - apparently he was hungry/lonely/dreaming or something and needed ATTENTION! 
Never mind, we were due to get up and out sharpish because we had arranged to meet Adam and Adrian on Nb Briar Rose at the bottom of the Tardebigge flight and help them work up through the 30 locks.  

We drove to the bottom of the flight at Stoke Pound, parking in the pub car park (The Queens) and gave Adam a call " Where are you???"
They were just coming through Stoke Wharf lock so we walked down to meet them. 
We could not have had better weather, it was absolutely perfect and we soon got into a comfortable rhythm, four people knowing what they were about and just working with quiet efficiency.

 Briar Rose, Adam at the helm
 Here we go, bottom lock of the Tardebigge, bottom gates open and ready for Briar Rose

 Adam and Adrian have swapped roles, Adrian is on the tiller and Adam is now locking with Joe and I
 Meet Thomas O'Malley, lock cat
 It didn't take long before someone was sitting about on the job..
 Adrian, 'in charge'
 Yet another lock-wheeler sitting about... Adam looking very Bear Grylls..
Done and dusted, 2hrs 45 mins, and Briar Rose is moored up for lunch, easy peasy.

We shared lunch together and then Joe, Floyd, Fletcher and I said our farewells and headed back to our car.  We then went and paid a visit to Barnowl Narrowboats before heading back to Stourport ahead of the evenings rain showers.


Anonymous said...

hi all love the blog i started to follow it just after my fathers accident (alan BUGGERLUGS) take care Matt

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Matt, that is very kind of you.
Take care and best wishes to your Dad for good recovery.