Monday, 25 July 2011

Ah, Saturday

When I got back from a shopping trip to Tesco I found Joe had given Caxton a wash and was just finishing the leathering the paintwork.
 And after lunch when Joe decided to get the wax and 'buffer' out I took the boys for a walk.  I am always looking for different routes, where Joe seems content to walk the same area day in day out I need a change of scene.
Stourport Town Bridge c.1870
So today I crossed the Stourport bridge and headed south along the river bank.   The town was busy with lots of tourists enjoying the amusements and attractions of the riverside park, from their accents, many from Birmingham.  The mutts and I headed out into the more peaceful environs of the rolling open countryside that surrounds Stourport.

Holiday-makers enjoying a river trip.

Sandstone bluff full of caves.
On reaching this sandstone bluff/cliff/outcrop, whatever, we had to climb a steep staircase to the top and there we found ourselves looking out across acres and acres of grassland crisscrossed by a multitude of public footpaths, dog walking heaven!   Another route discovered.
When we returned a couple of hours later, Caxton was looking bright and shiny and Joe less so...but a job well done.

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