Sunday, 10 July 2011

A bit of a memory lane moment

I used to have the 'Singer' version of this car - late 1970's, badge motors, minimum income, you know the story.  It was full of 'pudding' by the time I owned it but it went to Scotland, and the West Country and I loved it!

Mum, and younger brother David, had one of theseTriumph Herald's.  Mum's version was two tone green, Dad set light to it - accidently - so that was the end of that which lead her on to a Morris Marina...yuk!   Brother David had a drop head version and I remember loading Sarah our Basset Hound and Dudley my GSD into the back for trips to the local country park 1976 ish..
A Honda Benley, the motorcycle I owned when I passed my motorcycle test

Wolsley 1500 - Joe owned one of these in the very early seventies
These cars were all on displayn at the Steam fair so we had a wander down memory lane...


Ian and Karen said...

Loved your pics, brought back memories for me too. I had a Honda Benley too and for a while had a sidecar attached. Great fun.


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Karen
The Benley was the only bike I could ride on account off being a bit on the short side; unless I had an old British bike all other Jap bikes didn't allow me to get a toe down when stopped..