Saturday, 16 July 2011

A day spent in the past..

Hand cart - canal connection ...

Yesterday, Himself, Floyd, Fletcher and Me took ourselves off to Blist Hill (Victorian Town) open air museum in Coalbrookdale.  Joe and I had visited here years ago with our previous dogs, Sam and Mac, and I had been many years before that with Mum, Dad and my brothers, Bob and Dave.  The museum is similar to that of the Dudley Living Museum in that they have created a Victorian town which includes, butchers, bakers and yes, candle makers, as well as a Lloyds Bank, a Post Office, drapers, grocers and chip shop and pub of course.  There are well over 50 exhibits that range from the  cobblers shop to a blast furnace and a ironworks.

The Victorian Chemist/Pharmacy that was used for the filming of the BBC2 programme ' Victorian Pharmacy' presented by the social historian Ruth Goodman.

A pair of fine dray horses (Clydesdale's) drawing the brewers 'dray' around the town

The Post Office manned by a Mr. Alladay who explained that this was not work for women as we are too flitty and our brains couldn't cope with figures - I said that I admired his ability to dig a hole for himself...

Joe sitting for a charcoal portrait in the Victorian park

SOMEONE, is eating all the pies and it is not the Boys!

Many of the cottages have the requisite outside loo and attached pigsty, many occupied - pigsty's, not loo's...

The Victorian Fair - Joe has a go at the shooting gallery and wins 4 out of 5 shots

The HAY inclined plane.  204' drop to the river below from a short canal arm that serviced a mine.  Tub boats were used. The laden tubs could be lowered to the river in  4 minutes.

Man and dog checking the canal.

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