Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hear the beat...

I heard Hadar's engine as Keith and Jo crossed the basin at Stourport yesterday lunchtime, I was inside Caxton blacking the stove and not in a state to herald their passing.   When I came to take the boys for their afternoon excursion Hadar was moored up near the service point so we stopped have a chat and catch up with each others news.  Floyd was keen for their dog, Paddy, to 'come play' but Paddy was not impressed with this great black dollop bouncing around making himself look silly.
Paddy, Keith and Jo, aboard  Nb Hadar

Playtime in the river
We set off south along the river, where the dogs were able to cool themselves by taking frequent dips and then chasing past me and shaking themselves, lovely...

Signs of a past industry
All through this stretch are signs of a former riverside industry and activity.  Bollards and the remnants of wharves semi hidden amidst the growth on the riverbank.

A heavy duty bollard, scaled against Fletcher

And then a bit more buried 'treasure', a capstan?

Severn and Gloucester Company?  Another bollard half hidden in the undergrowth.

Perhaps a 100 years ago the river scene would have been very different.  The size of the forgotten bollards and the height of the abandoned wharves and landings indicate they would have secured sizable boats.

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