Monday, 18 July 2011

Super ZOOM!!!

I have just bought a new camera, a super ZOOM camera, a super zoom COMPACT camera, a BRIDGE camera.    'Bridge' because it sits between a compact and a full sized SLR. 
I am very impressed with the two Panasonic Lumix compact cameras I have, the FX37, that which I drowned whilst washing the boat, and its replacement, the TZ8 so naturally I looked to a Lumix again.   After much rummaging in the web-world I settled on the either a FZ28 or its replacement the  FZ38 and what I was able to get was a new FZ38 on Ebog last night.

Panasonic Lumix FZ38

The Leica lens gives the camera a 18 times magnification, the 35mm equivalent of 27- 486mm which is quite a feat in one lightweight lens. 


Paul and Elaine said...

Good choice I bought a Lumix G2 last November its a nice size rather than the full blown digital SLR.
Still trying to drive the bloody thing properly.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
I am a point and shoot merchant and like many, not sensible enough to read all the manuals..

Nev Wells said...

Good Choice, I have the same camera, brought it just before going to Egypt last year and now it comes with me onto the boat.

Very light fast and also shoots HD movies.

Get a big SD card.....



Dave Winter said...

Excellent choice but get a daylight filter to protect the front lens.

Pip - nb Windsong said...

I'm sure it will take great photos, but it's too big to fit into your pocket! Rog has one similar and forgets to get it out of the cupboard to use it!
Pip xxx

Nb Caxton said...

Ladies first, that's you PIP, then Nev and Dave.
Pip, I agree that this is NOT a pocket camera but I still have my Lumix TZ8 and that lives in my pocket AND, I am going to get its predessor repaired so TWO pocket cameras!
Nev - I will get a BIG SD card, thanks
Dave - I will also get a daylight filter!