Saturday, 20 August 2011

Broken! Floyd:1 Joe:0

When Floyd is going hell-for-leather and is doing his most speediest speed possible in the whole world (watch out you greyhounds..) you do NOT get in the way, or if you do be it on your head, or in this case ..arm.

Don't ask about the V...ictory sign.

Yes, Joe got taken out by Floyd who ran straight into the back of his legs and back flipped him to the ground, fracturing his right arm and, being a right handed chap, he is all but useless; only because of the break I hasten to add. 
Next Wednesday Joe returns to Colchester Hospital for an op to sort out the fracture and a new plaster cast which leaves me to do all the driving and tow the caravan - just as well I have towed before then.


Anonymous said...

Oh no - poor Joe - hope he gets well soon.

There's a trick to dodging speeding greyhounds - it does help if they're not coming at you from behind though :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Sue. You would have thought Joe might have felt the ground shuddering before the missile hit his legs but it was all so quick and there was nowhere to go, one minute we were walking side by side talking and the next he was on the ground...Floyd was OK though..

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Poor Joe - still it's a good job that you aren't boating at the moment. Poor Floyd too - hope Joe didn't land on him! Hope the op goes ok - it's no picnic when you break something at his age!! There but for the grace of God go I!!!
Lots of love to the invalid
Pip & Rog xxx

Jill and Graham said...

Oh Whoopsie daisies,

Anonymous said...

Well, I confess that my first thought was "poor Floyd I hope he's ok" but I didn't think that Joe would appreciate that!

Having broken my wrist and my shoulder in the last six years or so he has my complete sympathy.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream said...

Lesley and `Joe

What a shame, I know the feeling from four years ago when I did the wrist at Rugeley. Floyd is, no doubt, full of remorse.

Good job Joe got the engine well painted before he did his arm!

See you soon and best wishes to himself.
Evelyn and Graham

Amanda said...

The lengths a man will go to to get out of chores!

Hope Monday is still going to be okay.

Paul and Elaine said...


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Rather an extreme way of getting out of tugging the shed! You could have just asked Lesley, you know


Nb Caxton said...

Thanks everyone, I will update you on Joe's status when he has seen the 'bone doctor' tomorrow.

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Oh flippin heck, whatever next. Poor Joe. Lets hope it mends quickly and without any fuss. Floyd should take up Rugby he would be great in the England team, taking out the opposition. Hugsssss