Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Docking Rome..

Nb. Rome awaiting the first of the staircase locks down to the dry dock

We had a call last week from Graham Booth, of Waterways World renown, for a hand down through the Stourport Basin locks to the dry dock where his lovely boat, ROME, was to be blacked. 
So yesterday morning I went and found Graham and Nb. Rome and with me taking a ride on the gunwale we crossed the basin to the lock landing.  Here we were joined by a chap who with nothing better to do, lent us a hand.  We were quickly through the locks and poised to enter the dry dock alongside a widebeam boat.  Graham spun Rome and reversed into the dock.  When all was secured and the dock drained it was time for a cuppa and a chinwag before I left to return to Caxton and two sleepy mutts.
Graham decides to spin Rome 180 degrees and reverse into the dry dock - show off!
The wind decides to fight back but Graham isn't going to be beaten

and Graham wins...Rome is reversed neatly back into the dry dock

Dave, the Man, having secured the dock is about to 'pull the plug' and empty her

Here we go, bye, bye 100,000 gallons or there abouts
Nb. Rome secured in the dry dock awaiting a darn good wash down with a pressure washer


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