Friday, 5 August 2011

Hartlebury Castle Museum

Cider Mill

We have been passing on an almost daily basis the Worcester Museum based at Hartlebury Castle and on Monday we decided to pay it a visit. 
I checked on-line whether it was suitable for dogs but that was a NO, NO so we left the boys on Caxton and took ourselves off for a bit of a cultural paddle...

The 'Castle' was the fortified Palace of the Bishops of Worcester. 
(I always feel that the Church somehow missed the point of it's founder's example - Jesus's life; humble evangelist vs bishops life; jewels, robes, palaces and elevated place in society, ah well..)

The museum features aspects of the Worcestershire County life, what the County produced and how people lived and melds this with life in a BIG house and the palace State Rooms.  What it also has on display is an extensive range of horse drawn vehicles including gipsy caravans which rather captured our attention.

Interior of a Gyspy van, bed'ole at the back, etched mirrors and fine cabinetry

The finest of Gypsy vans, (Vardo's I think in the Romany language) The Reading.    The name of the van is on account of where it was built.  This is ornately carved and decorated in gold leaf and is very sumptious . 

Apologies for the  poor shot of the palace, taken through the railings as it was the only access to the front of the building.

An ornate ceiling of The Reading gypsy van.
This little cart stated out in Lithuania
I took this shot of this Milkman's cart because we have a family photo of an uncle pushing one of these in the 1920's.
Note the bed knobs and brass decoration on this kniife sharpeners hand cart, remind you of anything?
Another wagon interior.

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