Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hols and meeting the Gypsy Rovers

Moored, oops,  'pitched' in a delightful CS (Certified Site) in Wisbech St. Mary

We managed to get the 'clampett' truck loaded and ourselves on our way before nine on Wednesday.  Stourport-on-Severn to Deeping St. James in Lincolnshire to collect our caravan from storage and then on the Wisbech St. Mary in Cambs.  Here we pitched and got ourselves organised for an overnight stay before we went off to March to tack down fellow bloggers known to many as Dot and Derek, the Gypsy Rovers. 

L-R Joe, me, Dot and Derek

Went went for a late lunch to The Hippodrome in March, a restaurant that has recently opened in a converted and refurbished cinema - everything is art deco and quite stunning but the main attraction was the chance to catch up with the G-R's before they wing their way back home to New Zealand after over four years of travelling the canal system here.
Best wishes folks, lovely to see you again, take care...

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