Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lovely Worcestershire but Oh my knees

Yesterday having decided that visible progress on our new boat, Yarwood,  would minimal we took ourselves out on a circular walk around the village of Abberley.   The clever Tourist Information Office have published a series of leaflets on circular walks here abouts (It may be a National initiative for all I know) and I persuaded himself (who doesn't much like exercise) to give it a try.  We set off in the car to find Abberley village and the starting point of the Village Hall carpark.   Clutching leaflet in hand  off we went for this 5 mile jaunt that took us across farm land, down village lanes and UP, yes UP, onto wooded Limestone ridges. 

Just setting out and we find ourselves walking along the edge of a field of semi- harvested hops

The mechanical hop harvester - no more tribes of inner city families employed to harvest the hops as in days past

Take a look at that wooded ridge in the distance - that's where we are headed but my knees don't realise it yet

Ewes enjoying the shade of a yew tree

Worcestershire spread before us

And after completing the walk and taking heed of the leaflet about buying local produce we enjoyed a pint of Wye Valley bitter while the dogs tucked into a packet of pork scratchings!!

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