Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Painted, lagged and loaded

 Does his bum look big in this?
On Monday, after a Sunday off from doing his chores, Joe was back in the hold to complete the lagging and painting.    I was sent off with the dogs yet again (thinks, is he trying to tell me something?) saying that I would walk south along the Severn Way to Holt Bridge, some 5.5 miles away and then give him a call to pick us up.    So off we went making Holt bridge a couple of hours later, stopped for a half of shandy, and a packet of pork scratchings for the dogs, and I then called Himself for our return lift.
"I haven't done the painting yet!" he splutters when I ask for his taxi services.
Ok, darling I replied. ( Believe me, it's true..)
After which we tramped back to base - 11 miles - to find that all was finished in the hold department - at last.
Admiring his work - the hold with a new coat of paint.

Just got to reload all the kit and caboodle back in now.


Captain Ahab said...

It looks like you have got a 'wide beam' ;-)

Nb Caxton said...

Remember we have met. So pots and kettles to you mate!

Regards Joe