Saturday, 1 October 2011

Six and a half.....mile walk


Now that Joe has both his arms in operation following the removal of the cast on his right arm, he has been determined to get a few more jobs done on Caxton; these 'jobs' required that the dogs and myself were out of the way for a number of hours.  So leaving Himself to empty the hold I set off to try another circular walk this time around the village of Martley which is south of Stourport.   The starting point was the village church of St. Peter's and the walk took us through a number of apple orchards which were laden with ripening fruit.

Acres and acres of Worcestershire apple orchards - lovely

We walked out across farmland that has been harvested, ploughed, harrowed and drilled with next year's crop  and then up onto the scarp of Rodge Hill, down into the Teme valley and back towards Martley.

St. Peter's
When back at Martley I went into the sandstone Norman church of St. Peter's to have look around and I found what would have been a common sight before the Puritan's imposed their views and their buckets of lime wash on church buildings - frescos!


These would have been painted in vibrant colours originally


Anonymous said...

You are a busy girl - walking, boat building, blogging....

Yarwood looks very smart in the green - bet you can't wait to move in.

Regards to all on board - haven't commented for a while - been too busy trying to catch up with my blog but you're often in our thoughts.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

What I lovely comment Sue! I have certainly been walking and blogging but I can't claim to be doing too much boat building - more standing on the sidelines and admiring the work...
X Lesley