Monday, 28 November 2011

Red Cross R us

We went into Kidderminster today to get a food parcel for Nb Matilda Rose - well not so much for the boat but for the folks that live in it; sack of dog food for Baxter and Muttley, wine and lunch for the other reprobates, Graham and Jill.  We are off to see them tomorrow... South Oxford canal somewhere..


Anonymous said...

Give Jill a hug from us - we missed her at the weekend (long story - sure they'll tell you about it!).

Hope you're all well - bet you can't wait to move onto Yarwood and get cruising again.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
Will do, one hug from Sue on its way.
On Yarwood, the anticipation is building daily!
All well here and hoping all is well in Surrey..
X Lesley