Thursday, 15 December 2011

Licenced at last

Last week I spent an hour on-line trying to licence Caxton then I gave up.   Yesterday I tried again.  Eventually I discovered that my insurance policy number had been changed when I adjusted Caxton's value when I renewed in September.  So off I go again completing the on-line forms right up to the point when I have to part with the money at which point Lloyds TSB decide that BW can't have the money...
I got Joe to try making the payment on his card/account but still no joy.
So, having dropped Joe at Barnowl's workshop so he can do a bit of blacking on Yarwood I drove into Kidderminster and headed straight for the Bank. 
It seems that Lloyds security people had stopped that payment so I went through a string of security questions, showed the assistant Id and got the payment authorised. 
Caxton is now licenced for 2012 and the new owner when we come to sell her...

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