Monday, 19 December 2011

There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza

Just over three years ago when we were setting off on our new boating life aboard Caxton we bought a coal scuttle; as you do.   
Midland Chandlers Penkridge, £53 investment - lie down and twitch - and we were away.    Recently when wondering why there was a small heap of coat dust on the floor, I found the our £53 'bucket' had corroded and the bottom was falling out.  The combination of ferrous metal and acid coal had worked their magic and our coal pail had sprung a leak.   Given the the new boat, Yarwood, has a decided brass bent we thought that the replacement coal container should be a non ferrous brass, or copper, or zinc.   Today whilst out and about I found a brass scuttle, a filthy brass scuttle mind you, and an assortment of fire irons - I struck a deal and now own a semi-filthy brass scuttle and a motley assortment of pokers etc.
After the first attack with Brasso

Still to see the Brasso


Jill and Graham said...

and we remembered ALL the words dear Liza - now which canal was it we were singing that down? There's an awful lot of wildlife still with fingers in their ears!

Anonymous said...

Pass the Brasso over to your mother and explain the day off for her birthday is over.


PS Have you started cooking the sprouts yet?

Nb Caxton said...

It's an age thing Jill, I remember us singing (perhaps not quite the right verb...)but I cannot recall the stretch of canal either. Fortunately there was nobody about but to shop us to the RSPCA or we would both be doing time!!
X Lesley

Nb Caxton said...

Mother has the Brasso....nothing happening yet though.
Brussels are gently simmering as I type.
XX Lesley

Perry said...

The coal bucket can be rescued with a piece of old carpet cut to fit the bottom.

If the corrosion is worse, repair with glasscloth and epoxy resin and complete repair with a coat of black paint. Good luck.

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Perry.... I think we have some carpet tile that will do nicely!!