Saturday, 7 January 2012

Insurance sorted..

I posted a couple of days ago about starting the tiresome job of trawling through Insurance companies for boat quotes.  Several of you mentioned Towergate Marden as a good source of cover but my initial trawl through, via a comparison site, had TM refusing to cover a 'liveaboard'.    However,  I took your advice and got in touch with TM directly, the old fashioned way, by the phone, and have decided to insure Yarwood with them.   It is not cheap but then a very new boat isn't cheap either and I don't fancy having to cope with a total loss of boat and home without adequate cover.  Towergate Marden have policies tailored for liveaboards, they appreciate correspondence addresses and they get continuous cruisers so they have my business.
And sadly, my money...
Thanks for the advice folks.


No Direction said...

Hi, we have been with TM for 5 years now.
Ray and Jayne

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Ray and Jayne

Five years..that is some recommendation. It seems the boating community like this Ins. Company!