Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Red Boarded

The River Severn has been closed to navigation (red boarded) following last week's heavy rains.  The River is only moderately high compared to what she can do but some of the Severn Way was under water at the weekend when I took the dogs on our circular walk of Stourport.

The Barge lock looking towards the basin and the clock tower.

The first night we moored in the basin I was woken by the clock bell tolling every hour - now I sleep through most of those 'chimes'....not all . but most.
The narrow locks, the first of two staircase locks up from the River Severn

The R Severn from the entrance to the narrow locks

There is quite a flow here and a lot of trees being taken down stream at the moment.


Adam said...

If only there was a way of getting some of that excess water into the reservoirs that are nearly empty...

Anonymous said...

It seems ironic that the Severn is closed because of too much water and some of the canals are shut because of too little!

Great photos - the Severn is a fearsome river - enjoy the view - it won't be long before you're on the move :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Adam and Sue
If we had an Environment Agency that had the wherewithal and clout they would be pumping water from the areas that were surfeit to parts of the country that need it. It already goes on, R Gt. Ouse to Essex and Wales to the Midlands for instance but the scope to use canals to 'transport' water is not really used.
X Lesley

Captain Ahab said...

Its a scary beast to be on when it goes into flood. I have only done it once and am not in a hurry to repeat the exercise.