Sunday, 15 June 2008

For Sale

Wednesday evening the 'board' went up, Friday morning the advert' was in the local paper and on Saturday we had people viewing the house. This afternoon we had a second viewing!

But hey, let's get real, this might mean nothing at all. Getting shot of a house in the present climate, with the real squeeze on credit and the bogus hype from the media, is not going to be easy. The media will have it that 'we are all DOOMED'; it sells papers and fills column inches but sadly it can become self-fulfilling. This first weekend on the market is encouraging though!


Anonymous said...

Hi Both,
Just want to wish you luck with the house sale. Will keep our fingers crossed you get a buyer before long. Regards, John & Cathy - NB Marmaduke

Derek and Dot said...

All the best with the sale, we hope to see you out on the cut soon, love the laminate panels just what we have been looking for. We have had something similar in New Zealand for years and they look great, dont leak and are easy to clean. We now need to find some for the shower on the boat. take care, Derek and Dot NB Gypsy Rover