Monday, 16 June 2008

Guaranteed Water Tight!

Joe and I decided that we would opt for waterproof panels in Caxton's shower rather than tiles. We have chosen Mermaid panels, developed by Norske (a Norwegian company) but widely available here in the UK.

Their advertising says;

All of the Mermaid panels are manufactured to the highest quality. No grouting means that they only need a wipe over with a cloth or squeegee to maintain a pristine appearance. A ten-year watertight guarantee also provides ultimate peace of mind.

Mermaid panels are completely waterproof and watertight. The core material is WBP plywood, which unlike ordinary plywood, is water-resistant. Bonded to the WBP plywood is a high pressure decorative laminate which is impervious. The tongued-and-grooved joints mean the panels to fit tightly together. When fixing the panels a colour-coordinated sealant is used. This - combined with the patented "Click-Seal" corner profile - guarantees that the Mermaid system is completely leak proof.

Mermaid panels have a high-performance laminate surface which is guaranteed to remain waterproof. The panels will not crack or delaminate during the ten-year period. The substrate of Mermaid panels is WBP plywood, which is moisture-resistant and provided that all joints and cut edges are correctly sealed when fitted, Mermaid panels are also guaranteed to be watertight.

We are also going to use the panels around the loo below gunwale height to keep things hygienic. They come in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit all tastes and colour schemes and we are going to have the Larva stone finish.

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