Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Our Eyes Were Drawn

Our eyes were always drawn to the 'portholed' boats we saw. Portholes were aesthetically pleasing to us so when it came to commission our own boat it was a bit of a no-brainer: Caxton is portholed.

A reverse layout liveaboard, Caxton has the galley at the back followed by a dinnette and then the saloon in the middle of the boat. All this pretty open plan. In this section of Caxton there are also two houdini hatches and two side hatches, so no lack of light or air but quite a bit more security and privacy.

Greygal from Narrowboat Dogs on Tour states in her post In defence of Portholes that

It’s also arguably safer as the only thing that can climb through them is an octopus and how many cases of octo-tentacled breaking and entering have you heard about?

We have also specified solid steel doors for the front. This is our bedroom so both privacy and security clearly played a role in our thinking. As a liveaboard boat there will also be a cratch cover .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Both,
Enjoying your blog and seeing the pictures. Caxon looks great. Exciting times ahead.
John & Cathy (nb Marmaduke).