Thursday, 5 June 2008


Yesterday and today have been spent in preparation for the estate agents visit. The change in the weather yesterday provided a opportunity to get all the lawns cut and tidied and sort yet more 'treasures' for the tip! Joe has been focusing on finishing those round-tuit jobs; jobs that would have benefited ourselves living here but never seemed to get done - ah well.

We have bought some of those vacuum bags that you can store clothes and bedding in and they are very good. They were bought for Caxton; we thought that the 'summer wardrobe' could be stored under the bed safely in the winter and vice a versa. I have shoved some spare duvets and sleeping bags in them for now and has freed up a lot more room in the linen cupboard - the door closes now!

The under stair cupboard got emptied yesterday and deep in the bowels were spare curtains, shot gun cartridges and gun cleaning stuff, dogs toy box, spare dining chairs, assortment of winter coats, wellies, vacuum cleaner bags (various), Christmas lights and unused wrapping paper - Yes, it was one of those cupboards.. Anyway, now it is clean, painted and organised and there is more treasure for the tip.
So Bye for now, we are off yet again to the municipal dumping ground..

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