Thursday, 5 June 2008

Safety Consious

Joe has just managed to buy four of these automatically inflating life jackets for the princely sum of £100 - well done that man! We used Crewsaver lifejackets when we did our RYA Helmsmans course and thought that they were easy to use and comfortable to wear.
Naturally we don't intend falling off of Caxton but then again Joe has quite a reputation in the family for his ponchant for falling in the drink. A bashed head falling off of a boat is not going to enhance your swimming abilities and we have a number of friends that do not swim very well anyway so; lifejackets.


Matt said...

Please can you post where you go the four lifejackets?! Thanks

les said...

Hi Lesley
Use your blog spellchecker or don`t worry we all make typo`s as long as it`s readable it`s fine.
Good luck with Caxton
LES NB valerie

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Mattie
Joe bought the Marine Pool Lifejackets on Ebay.
There are a couple of chandlers selling these on Ebay that might be worth a look and also Crewsaver Automatic lifejackets are going for £120/£125 for four jackets.
We were hoping to see equivalent deals at Crick but they wanted £50+ for each lifejacket!